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Raymonds Group to launch KS-E Energy Drink

Raymonds Ltd, a diversified conglomerate is diversifying into energy drink segment with launch of KS - E Drink. It is extending is Kama Sutra & KS Brand to this niche to cater the urban youth market who are not shy to portray their sexuality. The Indian market for energy drinks is growing at 41% fuelled by the growing pub culture & partying. Currently, the KS Brand is owned by Raymond Group and J K Ansell group of Australia.

Tata Coffee to expand its instant coffee processing capacity

Tata Coffee is expanding its instant coffee processing capacity at its Theni plant near Madurai in Tamil Nadu and Toopran near Hyderabad. The capacity is being increased from 6500 tonnes to 8500 tonnes. The company is seeing increasing demand from Russia and West African markets. The company produces more than 10,000 tonnes of shade grown Arabica and Robusta coffees at its 19 estates in South India

Ajegroup launches 'Big Cola' a non caffeine coal in India

Peru's Ajegroup has launched no caffeine cola in India. Its 'Big Cola' brand is likely to be priced 20% to 30% cheaper in India. Earlier in 2010, the company had made a soft launch in Pune and Mumbai and is officially launched now. The brand is doing well against giants in other developed markets..

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